Offer agreement

This offer agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") is concluded between ТОО "Global ads" BIN 221040009863, and a legally capable individual acquiring access to information materials. The Agreement is a public offer, which contains an offer of the Company to conclude an agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) on the conditions specified in this document with any person who meets the requirements of the Agreement. 


Website - an Internet resource under the domain name administered by the Company.

The Buyer is a capable person who voluntarily passed the Registration and orders the information materials specified in the Agreement.

Order - an application sent by the Buyer to the Company through the Site interface or made by the Buyer through the contact center.

Registration is a procedure during which the Buyer through the Site interface or by calling the contact center provides the Company with the information necessary to conclude an offer agreement. Based on the results of the Registration, the Buyer's account and personal account are created.

Authorization - a message by the Buyer of his registration information to the Company through the Site or by calling the contact center.

Personal account - a personal and inaccessible to third parties section of the Site, access to which is carried out by the Buyer by entering a personal login (access name) and password (access code), and which contains information materials and access to the chat.

Personal account chat - software for communicating with representatives of the Company, if for some reason the chat in the personal account is not available, the buyer has the right to contact by e-mail:

White Paper - a set of recommendations based on the provided data

General Provisions

2.1 By ordering Information Materials through the Site, the buyer unconditionally agrees to the terms of this Agreement set forth below.

2.2 The Company has the right to amend this Agreement without prior notice. Changes to the terms of the Agreement come into force after their publication on the Site and apply to any actions taken after publication.

2.3 The Client agrees to the transfer of his personal data to the Company (as provided in this agreement), information on the Order, and agrees to comply with the terms of the Agreement by filling out the columns in the appropriate columns when placing an Order on the Site, the period of permitted processing of personal data is 99 (ninety nine) years

2.4 Refusal to process personal data is sent by the client to the following free-form address

Information about information materials

3.1 Information about the materials is posted on the Site and is provided by the Company to the buyer at the specified e-mail address during registration.

3.2 All distributed materials are introduced into civil circulation in a proper way and do not violate any rights of third parties.

3.3 All textual information and graphics of the Products posted on the Site are the property of the Company.

3.4 The Company independently decides whether the Product can be used together with gift certificates, coupons and other discount programs.

Clients independently assimilate the information received, without any verification, including the degree of assimilation of information.

No information, materials and / or advice provided by the Contractor as part of the provision of services under this agreement can not be considered as guarantees. Making decisions on the basis of all information provided by the Contractor is in the exclusive competence of the Customer. The customer assumes full responsibility and risks associated with the use of information and materials provided by the Contractor as part of the fulfillment of its obligations under this agreement.

3.5. Services are provided “as is”. The discrepancy between the purchased Services and the subjective expectations of the Customer cannot be considered as grounds for terminating the Agreement and returning the money paid to the Customer.

Registration on the website

4.1 To view information materials and place Orders, the Client must register on the Site and make payment based on clause 8.2 of this agreement

4.2 By registering on the Site, as well as entering the Site under social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), the Client confirms that he is familiar with this Agreement and his full and unconditional consent to them, including in part

4.3 The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Client during registration.

4.4 The client undertakes not to disclose to third parties the login and password specified during registration. If the Client has any suspicions about the security of his username and password or the possibility of their unauthorized use by third parties, the Client undertakes to immediately notify the Company by sending an email to

4.5 The Client is responsible for any actions performed on the Site under his account and on behalf of the Client.

4.6 It is forbidden to use the Site in illegal and prohibited activities. If the Company suspects the Client of committing illegal actions, such as: fraud with bank cards, spreading spam, malware, other acts that violate the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to block or delete the Client's account.

4.7 The Client has the right to register on the Site once. If the Client has several active accounts, the Company has the right to delete duplicate accounts.

  1. Checkout

5.1 The Client's order is made independently by the Client on the Site. By registering on the site, the client fully accepts the offer and all its sections

5.2 In order to be able to place Orders on the site, the Client clicks the "Get my plan" button on the Site page dedicated to a specific Seller's Product.

5.3 You can pay for the Product in several ways indicated on the Site.

5.4 After payment, information materials, a link to the personal account is sent to the Client's e-mail specified during registration.

5.5 The emergence of the rights and obligations of the Seller and the Client under the Agreement arises immediately after the Company receives the order and the Client's funds as payment for information materials.

5.6 Proof of the conclusion of the Agreement by the Client is the presentation of a unique user number to the Company, which is issued to the Client after the conclusion of a transaction with the Company on the Site. Any other evidence of the conclusion of the Agreement by the Company is not considered.

5.7 Duplication, sale, counterfeiting of the Product and use of the Product by third parties is strictly prohibited.

  1. Warranty conditions

6.1 The Company is not responsible for damage caused to the Client as a result of improper performance by the Company of its obligations to sell the Product ordered on the Site.

6.2 The Site does not give guarantees of safety, possibilities of use, as well as guarantees for other characteristics of the Products presented on the Site. Food programs presented on the Site can be potentially hazardous to health. It is imperative to consult a physician before using the Product. Responsibility for the use of the Product lies with the Client.

6.3 The Company is not responsible for the failure to achieve the desired results by the Client in case of his improper execution of the Nutrition Program, the Exercise Program and the Curator's recommendations.

6.4 The Company may refuse to provide the Product for objective reasons or in cases of violation by the Client of the rules established by the Company.

6.5 Under no circumstances will the company or its representatives be liable to the client or to any third parties for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with the use of the site, the content of the site or other materials to which the client or other persons gained access using the site, even if the site administration did not warn or indicate the possibility of such harm.

  1. Confidentiality and protection of personal information

7.1 When registering on the Site, the Client provides the Company with the following data: email address, phone number, eating habits, physical data, behavior habits. The Company has the right to use this information to fulfill its obligations to the Client. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided.

7.2 The company uses the information:

7.3 By providing personal data when registering on the site, the Client gives the Company voluntary consent to the processing and use of personal data in accordance, for the purposes determined by the Company, as well as for the purpose of promoting by the Company its services, in various ways, including through automated analysis personal data, as well as their transfer to third parties and cross-border transfer, without limitation of the validity period. This consent can be revoked only upon notification of the Company in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.

7.4 The Company undertakes not to disclose the information received from the Client. The provision by the Company of information to agents and third parties acting on the basis of an agreement with the Company for the fulfillment of obligations to the Client is not considered a violation. It is not considered a violation of obligations to disclose information in accordance with reasonable and applicable legal requirements. The company has the right to use the "cookies" technology. "Cookies". do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties. The company receives information about the ip-address of the website visitor. This information is not used to establish the identity of the Client, except in cases of fraudulent actions by the Client.

7.5 If the Client does not want his personal data to be processed, then he must contact the Customer Support Service of the Company by sending an email to In this case, all information received from the Client (including login and password) is deleted from the Company's client base, while the Client will not have access to the Site and the ability to place orders.

7.6 The Company is obliged not to disclose the Client's data to third parties, except for cases when they act on the basis of a concluded contract with the Company in order to fulfill the Company's obligations to its Client and when the obligation of such disclosure is established by the requirements of the law.

7.7 The Company is not responsible for the information provided by the Client on the Site in a public form.

7.8 The client is responsible for the accuracy of the personal data transferred to the Company.

  1. Cost for the provision of services and calculation procedure

8.1 The cost of the Company's Product is set by the Company in the Tariffs published on the Site, as well as in clause 8.2 of this agreement.

8.2. The cost of the service is 1$ UDS for the development of information materials for the first day. In the future, for every 1 day of using the service, a service commission is charged in the amount of 25$ USD for the next weeks of your individual program. If the full amount is not debited, the user will be debited an amount of 13$ USD with the introduction of restrictions according to the Tariff, access to the service is provided for 3 days. If the debiting of 13$ USD does not occur, the user will be debited an amount of 6$ USD with the introduction of restrictions according to the tariff, access to the service is provided for 1 days. If the debiting of 6$ USD does not occur, the user will be debited an amount of 1$ USD with the introduction of restrictions according to the tariff, access to the service is provided for 1 day without access to tracker sections. If it is impossible to write off the entire amount, a partial write-off is possible. The total cost of the entire course is 120$ USD. If the user's subscription has not been renewed, the service has the right to make repeated attempts to renew the subscription within thirty calendar days after the first attempt. In order to completely unsubscribe from the service and refuse all services provided, please contact the email address:

Learn more about rates and refund policy:


Please read the current tariff plan of the service for the development of individual information materials.

$ 1 USD - includes: Access to your personal account, meal plan and physical activity plan for the subscription period 1 day.

$ 25 USD - includes: Access to your personal account, meal plan and physical activity plan for 7 days.

$ 13 USD - includes: Access to your personal account, meal plan and physical activity plan for 3 days.

$ 6 USD - includes: Access to your personal account, meal plan and physical activity plan for 1 day.

$ 1 USD - includes: Access to your personal account, meal plan and physical activity plan for 1 day without access to tracker sections.

What is included in the information materials and provided access:

Access to personal account

Service access

Daily weight entry.

Day plan with 6 daily tasks to complete.

Progress - a graph with daily weight loss progress.

Top 10 Participants - the rating of weight loss by participants is displayed.

Useful - articles and recommendations for participants.

Nutrition program with recipes for 14 days in PDF format. Sent to E-mail.

Program with tasks for daily execution for 14 days in PDF format. Sent to E-mail.

Cancel or restore subscription

If the information materials are no longer relevant for you (you have changed your mind about receiving the following information materials), you can independently unsubscribe from the service at any time by writing an email to or use the unsubscribe page

Payment security

Security of payments is carried out using the Bank-Acquirer, which operates on the basis of modern protocols and technologies developed by the international payment systems VISA International and MasterCard International (3D Secure, USAF) The security of transmitted information is ensured using modern Internet security protocols (SSL / TLS) confidential data of the Cardholder (card details, registration data, etc.) are carried out over closed data transmission networks certified by international banking security standards PSI DSS 1 level.

All your data is securely protected.

Return policy

You are eligible to receive a refund of the first payment if you have not seen visible results using our personalized meal plan and have met all of the following conditions:

you contact us within 7 days of purchasing our custom plan; and you have followed our personalized meal plan for at least 14 consecutive days during the first 30 days after purchase; and you can also prove that you followed the personalized meal plan as outlined in the “How to prove you followed the plan” section below.

We will review your application and notify you (via email) if your application has been approved. If approved, your refund will be processed and money will be automatically credited to your credit card or original payment method within 14 days.

How to prove that you followed the plan:

You can only prove you followed the individual meal plan if:

you provide photos and / or videos of all the meals that you have prepared / ordered in accordance with our personalized meal plan; and the meals have been prepared according to the recipes provided by us in your personalized meal plan.

For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum number of meals shown in your photos / videos should be equal to the total number of meals provided to you in accordance with the personalized meal plan provided by us. For example, if your plan includes 6 meals a day, the total minimum number of meals in your photos should be at least 84 (6 x 14).


Please note that only meeting the above requirements will qualify you for a full refund under the 100% Money Back Guarantee. For clarity, this "100% Money Back Guarantee" does not apply to any other case, including but not limited to the following:

some of the ingredients in the Custom Meal Plan are not available in your area;

you think that you (1) do not have enough time to prepare the meals provided for in your individual meal plan, (2) you do not have enough skills to prepare some of the dishes;

you have the necessary utensils and / or equipment necessary to prepare the meals provided for in the individual meal plan.

This Money Back Policy was posted on July 12, 2021. It will take effect upon its acceptance for new users and from July 13, 2020 for all other users. This Money Back Policy is incorporated by and governed by the Terms of Service unless otherwise specified.

Last update: 07/13/2021

8.3 In the event of a shortage of funds on the card, the Client agrees to partially write off the cost of the service for every 30, 7 days of using the Product.

8.4 The Company has the right to unilaterally change (increase, decrease), establish new, cancel existing Tariffs in whole or in part. If the Client does not agree with the change (introduction) of new Tariffs, the Client has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute this Agreement by notifying by mail indicated at the end of the agreement

8.5 Payment of remuneration is made by the Client in the manner prescribed for the relevant Tariff and published on the site in the Tariffs section, or at the bottom of each page of the site.

8.6 Payment for the Company's Product is carried out using a bank card on the Site (or by other means by prior agreement with the Company, including using Internet technologies that do not contradict the law).

8.7 Refunds to the Client are made only to the bank (payment) card used to pay for the Company's Order. If, for any reason, the Client needs to receive funds not to the bank (payment) card with which the Company was used to pay for the Order, the Client must inform about this by e-mail and act according to the algorithm of actions provided by the Company.

8.8 The Client hereby understands and fully understands that the Company carries out a refund within 30 days after he has assumed the corresponding obligation to return, and the final refund period depends on the participants in the respective payment transaction to return the funds to the Client.

8.9 The decision to return funds to the Client is made on the basis of a claim submitted by the Client to the Company. The term for consideration of the Client's claim (demand) for the return of funds to his Card account upon successful payment of the Company's Order is 30 working days. In the event of a failure in the System and / or in the interaction between the Settlement Bank, the Company, as a result of which the Payment made by the Client in compliance with the provisions of this Offer was not received by the Company, the funds are returned to the source of payment from which the Client sent the Order for payment. Refunds at the request of the Client are carried out within 30 (Thirty) business days from the date of receipt of the application by the Company.

8.10 The client has the right to refuse further provision of services by the Company, as well as subscription to the service, by notifying in free form in writing to the email address specifying the email address and phone number specified during registration. The company terminates the agreement within 10 (ten) business days, and also deletes the client's data from its database upon request. When the contract is terminated by agreement of the parties, all obligations of the parties terminate from the moment the parties agree to terminate the agreement. All services are considered to be provided in full, payments for services are terminated from the moment of termination of the agreement.

  1. Information messages

9.1 By registering on the Site, the Client agrees to receive updated information, newsletters with the latest news, new offers, special offers and sale announcements, as well as information about news and offers of the Company's partners via SMS, MMS, Viber, Whatsapp and e-mail ...

9.2 By providing his phone number, the Client gives his consent to receive advertising over telecommunication networks, including through the use by the Company (or third parties acting on behalf of the Company) telephone, facsimile, mobile radiotelephone communication.

9.3 The Client can unsubscribe from the daily newsletter by clicking on the special link placed at the bottom of the letter received by the Client.

  1. Other conditions

10.1 In the event of any claims from the Client, he must contact the Client Support Service of the Company at the email address

10.2 All arising disputes will try to resolve through negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to a judicial authority in accordance with the current legislation of England.

10.4 The recognition by the court of the invalidity of any provision of this Agreement does not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions of the agreement.

Governing Law

Choice of Law. The governing law applicable to the arbitration agreement and the arbitration shall be the laws of England and Wales (also known as English Law), without regard to English Law’s conflict of laws rules.

Requisites and contact information of the administration of the service providing the services:

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